Hello and welcome to our house in Dozulé!

Our 2 1/2-acre place is 2 hours from Paris, 20 minutes from Deauville, 15 minutes from Caen, and 10 minutes from the beach at Cabourg.

Our house sleeps four adults (1 room with a king size bed, 1 room with 2 single beds) and four children (2 rooms each with a double-decker bed). The views from the house are spectacular. (On a clear day you can see the sea.)

Come spend a week. Or more!

You can be as busy or relaxed as you want. You can spend the day site-seeing or reading books and listening to music.

Start the day with breakfast, a freshly laid egg (complete with French date stamp) and a still-warm croissant from a local bakery in Dozulé.

In a single day, you can romp through history from William the Conqueror's expedition across the English Channel in 1066, to the Allies' landing in Normandy in 1944.

Or visit the Cathedral at Rouen where Joan of Arc was burned. Or search for antiques in Honfleur (often called the most beautiful town in France).

Or entertain yourself at the Casino in Deauville after shopping at some of Paris' finest stores.

Or drive to Mont Saint Michel through the magnificent countryside painted by Monet and his colleagues.

The active sportist can sail, play tennis or golf, or swim. The passive sportist can watch polo or horse racing while drinking champagne.

Then lie on the beach deciding whether to eat at a local seaside restaurant with the freshest fish in the world or at the oldest restaurant in France or at an opulent Michelin-starred restaurant in Caen.